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Dear All,

Worm welcome and best wishes to one and all……

It was indeed pleasure to pledge myself and inform you all that we are blessed delegate graduates from this prestigious institute known as VRS&YRN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, and pursue our carriers as TECHNOLOGISTS.

 As a student of the very First batch of this institute, as you are all well aware that the challenges and several uncertainties we faced, also at the early years of our carrier we missed few opportunities and overcome fears with in us to face the new world.

Now the tables turned and we became self reliant and leading the industry with satisfaction and admiration.

I never imagined my self one day I myself become Managing Director of an organization and walk shoulder to shoulder along with IAS officers and bureaucrats and several of our friends, juniors, and classmates are CEOs, OWNERS, and DIRECTORS and highly placed in prestigious positions where their word is the final say for the industry.

We spread across the globe and touched new Horizons and it was proven time and again that we are one of the best in the industry and few of our fellow class mates created their own space in their chosen field, like IT, FOOD, PHARMA, consultancy, Engr. etc, you name it we are there and stand tall against all odds.


Since from the inception, this institute produced more than 500 OIL TECH students till date and as of now @250-260 was in touch with regular texts in social media, but the journey must continues to be in touch with the remaining fellow classmates and bring them in to the greater family of our own alumni association.  

To fulfill our aims & objectives as discussed in our several of our day to day conversations and as I observed that……… nature we were nurtured by our parents, the upbringing to share our wealth to the needy and donate generously to the society.

Again this is the time every-one of us to show bigheartedness to DONATE  our VERY OWN ALUMNI ASSOSIATION with a common cause and provide better infrastructure and facilities to our present student friends and allow them to import the necessary skills to face the new challenges as a future leaders of the industry.

The Donations may be cash, infrastructural, books, awards/prizes in their loved ones memory or any of your choice ….. I hope the coming generations remember us for ever for this noble service we aimed to do………  

S.Hari babu


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